Born and raised in Andrews, Texas, Noel grew up riding and roping in the local rodeo scene.  With that type of upbringing, you’d never guess that his major musical influences were that of KISS, Tesla, Night Ranger and Elvis.  It wasn’t until he was deeply influenced by Garth Brooks’ album, No Fences, that he knew he was gravitating towards country music.

 His first band, BORDERLINE, gave him the opportunity to play with a lot of creative styles, while tuning and honing his craft as a songwriter.  Graduating from Texas Tech University in 2003, Noel knew it was time to record his first record.  In 2005, Noel released his first solo record, Why Me, with the help of fellow Texas country artists Rodney Riordan, Jason Lurma, Haystack Novak and Jon Hancock.

 After years of playing bars and clubs throughout Texas; finding the right pickers for his latest project became Noels’ #1 goal.  He did just that by recruiting Texas legend Lloyd Maines on pedal steel and dobro, Nashville giant Brent Mason on lead guitar and Grammy Award winner Wes Hightower on backing vocals.  Noel also returned to his roots bringing in Rodney Riordan, JonDan McBride, Damian Green and Jon Hancock to round out the full and neo-country sound he had always dreamed of.

 Noel Olivas and his band, The Benders, are Texas Music Artists’ that make a prime example of what Country Music is all about. Full of fiddles, steel, banjos, mandolin, benders and thundering drums. Noel, along with band-mate, Jon Hancock, wrote six out of the seven songs on the album.  This album was recorded, produced and mixed in their studio, Rustic Soul Studios out of Midland, Texas.  (Mastered by Chris Graham)

 KNFM, Lone Star 92’s Gwen “The Morning Show Idol” says; “Noel Olivas and The Benders are a great group of guys that have worked very hard.  With years of experience and loads of talent, their new album, Stranger in the Hall, is sure to be a success.”  With a traditional country sound of fiddles and steels, you won't find an album out there anywhere like it.  The album is full of life experiences, good times and little bit of heart ache.  Something every true country album should contain.

 The first single off of this new record, “Stranger in the Hall”, is a reflection of how of growing up and maturing in life sometimes makes you feel; “like a lonely Sparrow locked up in a cage.”  If you enjoy true honky tonk, dance hall country music, this album is a must to have in your library. 

 With such influences as Zane Williams, Walt Wilkins and Robert Earl Keen, Noels’ music hits you right in the heart of what country music is all about.  When asked what he feels his music sounds like, he replied; “Sounds like 90’s country, tastes like bluegrass and feels like Texas.”